Opening Hours: Closed on Saturday & govt. holiday. 24 hours Emergency Service daily even on holidays.

Chittagong Eye Infirmary and Training Complex


The Paediatric Ophthalmology department is having facilities such as children play area, separate out patient and in-patient department. The department is run by a team of trained and competent personnel such as paediatric ophthalmologists, Paediatrician, Anesthesiologists, Orthoptists, Optometrists and Counselors. Service to more than 100 patients are provided daily at the out patient department. There is also a dedicated operation theatre which caters approximately 1200 surgeries annually. In the indoor, there is dedicated paediatric ward along with an amusement area. This department is also being utilized as the resource centre of the country and the region.

ORBIS international has been providing all logistic support towards development of paediatric eye care service including human resource.